Players Tables

Because life's too short to play on bad pool tables

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Players Pro Pool Table 8ft

    Each table features a 1" thick diamond-honed, 3 piece slate. Under this slate we use a 26 point levelling system to ensure a perfectly level playing surface


    Uylin K55 Profile Cushions are highly responsive Taiwanese made cushions that give a consistent rebound speed and angle


    We use top quality laminate on all visible areas of the table - our tables can take some serious abuse and still look great


    All Players Pool Tables come with a no-quibble 5 year warranty on all parts of the table excluding the cloth &  balls. We stand behind our tables 100%

Aramith TV Cup Pro Balls

Aramith TV Cup Pro balls are the industry standard pool balls in Thailand and are included in the cost of all of our tables.

As you can see from the picture the white cue ball has the red dots (originally designed so the TV cameras could pick up the cue ball spin) - the 4 & 12 balls are pink which provides much better contrast against blue cloth than other colours and again is designed with TV cameras in mind.

Roll with the best - insist on Aramith TV Cup Pro.

ANDY 988 Cloth

ANDY 988 Tournament Grade cloth is one of the best playing professional pool table cloths on the market – it's now included with every table we sell.

Unlike with many high end European cloths ANDY 988 won’t slow down in humid conditions and it's unique manufacturing process means it will retain its excellent pace and accuracy for much longer than other cloths.

Once you’ve played on ANDY 988 - you won’t want to play on anything else.


"Players Tables play the same as tables that cost 3 times the price!"

"Since we added the table to the bar we've doubled our turnover!"

Our customers love our Players Pro table - I wish I had got it years ago.